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​Top Three Romantic Getaways for Valentine’s Day

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Winter is in full swing in our beloved Hamptons, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be spending Valentine’s Day shivering. Escaping the cold weather with a loved one and getting much needed sun is the best way to steam things up this year. Here are our top three romantic destinations where you can escape to luxury. Best of all? You can get your favorite Hampton Sun protection and after sun care right at the resort!

St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort

It’s hard to match the glamour of Miami Beach with lush white sand and turquoise waters. If we’re heading to Miami, the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort is our pick for a couples’ escape into extravagance. Private cabana rentals are the best for an intimate getaway where you and your honey can enjoy butler service, fabulous poolside sunbathing, and complimentary Hampton Sun.

The Resort at Pedegral

There is really nothing quite like basking in the Mexican sun and the spectacular Resort at Pedegral in Cabo San Lucas is our pick for a luxurious Valentine’s hideaway. Pamper your loved one with a couples’ trip to the glorious Luna Y Mar spa, then relax in your private plunge pool. Lounge poolside or explore the stunning coast—and don’t forget to reapply that Hampton Sun.

Rosewood Jumby Bay

If privacy is what you seek for your Valentine’s vacay, then the Rosewood Jumby Bay Escape is for you. Set on a gorgeous undisturbed private island, this resort is a lavish hideaway perfect for romance. Villas with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea await with all the fixings for a dreamy holiday.

And wherever you find yourself this Valentine’s Day, show up to your date night glowing and bronzed with our award-winning Sunless Tanning Mist. Happy Valentine’s Day all you sun-lovers!

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